About Us

signThe Emerald Bay Physical Therapy Standard

We provide highly individualized care to patients of all ages.  Our clinic is home to a 4000 gallon indoor physiotherapy pool featuring an adjustable current, a depth of 3-5 feet to accommodate all heights, and is comfortably heated all year round.

Our Physical Therapy and Wellness Offerings
Our ongoing services include, but are not limited to:

•  Aquatic Therapy & Exercise Programs
•  Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
•  Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
•  Youth Swim Lessons
•  Swim Stroke Clinics
•  Pilates Classes

Why We Are Different
The unique blend of programs at Emerald Bay Physical Therapy provides you with:

•  Highly individualized care
•  Specific interventions over generalized remedies
•  Detailed evaluations and personalized program development
•  Personal appointments over high volume
•  Definite goals designed to maximize performance and exceed expectations
•  Transition from rehabilitation to an exercise based fitness program
•  Comprehensive approach to fitness to meet the complex demands of daily life, athletic pursuits and high-level performance