Aquatic Therapy

poolWe have a wonderful indoor therapy pool with a large 4000-gallon capacity. The depth of the pool ranges from 3-5 feet to accommodate all heights. Having the therapy pool inside our facility allows us to easily incorporate aquatic exercise into your therapy program. For advanced clients the pool is large enough to comfortably allow swimming against the endless current.

• 91 degree water relieves pain and stiffness
• Buoyancy alleviates pressure from injured joints allowing pain-free exercise
• Adjustable current provides resistance for higher level activity

Abbreviated Definition of Aquatic Physical Therapy:
Aquatic Physical Therapy is the scientific practice of physical therapy in an aquatic environment by physical therapists and physical therapists assistants. Aquatic Physical Therapy includes but is not limited to treatment, rehabilitation, prevention, health, wellness and fitness of patient/client populations in an aquatic environment. The unique properties of the aquatic environment enhance treatments for patients/clients across the age span with musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular/pulmonary, and integumentary (skin) diseases, disorders, or conditions.”

Things to Know About Our Pool

•  Please bring your own bathing suit and towel (should you forget your towel, we have a couple extra, just ask).

•  We ask you to rinse off with soap and warm water in our shower prior to getting in the water. Removing the day’s accumulation of lotions, skin oils, etc. helps to keep our pool clean.

•  When walking to the changing room, please walk around on the window side of the pool to avoid an accidental fall into the pool.

•  Before getting into the pool, please wait until a staff member is in the pool room and has let you know it’s okay to get in.

•  Please limit your time in the changing room to 10 minutes. We often have other patients who need to use the room as well. Should you need more than 10 minutes, please let us know – we can accommodate by having you come a little earlier or scheduling you at a less busy time.