Injury Prevention Program

skiOur goal is to prevent common injuries that occur in the workplace which often lead to short and long term disability, lost wages, and physical and emotional strain. Our staff will gladly come to your office to educate you and your co-workers on ergonomics, body mechanics, avoiding injuries, and pertinent exercises.

EBPT also implements injury prevention programs for athletes targeted at preventing common injuries that occur during competitive sport and recreational activities. Participants will be educated on avoidance strategies, biomechanics, and an exercise program. We can accommodate individuals, coaches and teams.

leg pressOur programs are tailored to meet the needs of the specific audience. We address the most common motions in a given occupation or sport that can lead to injury as well as the most effective exercises to assist in injury-free practice. Programs are adapted for small or large groups, different space requirements, and time constraints. Please contact us for more information.

We have worked with the following local clients:

•  South Tahoe Public Utility District

•  South Lake Tahoe Police Department

•  South Lake Tahoe Fire Department

•  El Dorado County Sheriff’s Department

•  Lake Valley Fire Department

•  Unites States Forest Service

•  California Tahoe Conservancy

•  Sierra-at-Tahoe

•  STMS Girls Basketball Team