“Very, very friendly staff – you all are awesome! I have new friends for life.” – Manny, 2012

“Rick and Nick showed so much concern and care towards Kailer – they really created a bond with Kai, and Kai with them. He really needed that during his Guillaine Barre.” – Kelary and Kailer, 2012

“I felt that everyone there truly cared about me and my recovery – thank you!” – Karen, 2011

“The staff makes you feel comfortable, and you know they really care about you.” – Deanne, 2011

“I loved the friendly support and encouragement for my treatment and progress!” – Bonnie, 2011

“The knowledgeable staff that helped me in the pool” – Anonymous patient, 2011

“I went here three-days a week for about six weeks in order to care for a herniated disc in my neck. I had tried chiropractic and acupuncture but did not see any improvement. It was through these frequent visits that I was finally able to get a little relief from my chronic pain. Rick Alexander worked with me vigilantly and was able to tune in very well to the movements which best benefited my condition. He showed a clear concern for my health and a desire to do anything he could to help me heal. I really like the whole facility and there is nowhere else in South Lake like it. The entire staff is great. Nick does a good job assisting people with their exercise regimens. Amanda is a rock star, keeping operations running smoothly from the front desk. This office even has a mascot. Moose, Rick’s enormous Alaskan Malamute, is reason enough to come here. He raised my spirits on numerous occasions.” – Tyler Schwartz, 2011 (taken from Yelp review)

“While skating roller derby I tore my right ACL. After surgery I looked for a place that would work with me and my goals for returning to skating. Being in an active, outdoorsy town I figured that wouldn’t be hard but as I found out some folks just thought roller derby was something I should stop doing. NOT Emerald Bay PT. They want you out there again! I had so much fun getting my knee back in shape. In about 4-6 weeks I went from scared to bend my knee or walk on it to a nearly full bend and zero degree straight leg. By the time I left, I was walking, driving, riding an indoor bike (loads of snow during the months I was there) and within 4 months I was roller skating. By 6 months I was back up and doing derby again! The following winter I skied Heavenly no sweat! Everyone there were fun, easy to work with and informative. I’d recommend them to all folks, young and old. They love what they do and you’ll be glad you chose them.” – Julie “Mad Maggie” Roulain, 2010 (taken from Yelp review)

“Friendly professional care in a relaxed atmosphere. All my questions were answered. Although Michelle was my primary therapist, Nancy was also very helpful.” – Wynne, 2010

“Everything was of the highest quality.” – Donald, 2010

“When I started my second trimester, I wanted to find something active that I could do, especially in the winter, that would keep me in shape as I turn into a watermelon these last few months. Now that I’m in my ninth month, and I’ve been coming three times a week, I feel good and I am incredibly grateful that I found this opportunity. The exercises we do are basically preparing me for labor, as my lung capacity is challenged in the current, kegels strengthen my abdominal muscles, and each activity helps build my core. I plan on continuing the water exercises here when I have to lose that baby weight. Thank you Emerald Bay Physical Therapy!” – Jayme, 2010

“Recovery from my knee surgery went exceptionally well thanks to my surgeon, Dr. Scott Southard, and the staff at Emerald Bay Physical Therapy. My therapists, Rick, Michelle, and Nancy worked with me extensively to regain flexibility and strength so I could once again pursue my favorite sport, alpine skiing.” – Mike, 2010

“I’m a HUGE fan of Emerald Bay Physical Therapy! Anytime I get injured (which seems to be quite often) I choose EBPT for my treatment. Recently, I am being treated for a neck injury both pre-surgery and post surgery – and I am getting stronger and stronger. Convenient appointment times, caring, loving, knowledgable staff – and lots of laughs. Even though the gym portion can be tough at times, I always look forward to my visits. PLUS….the staff did an amazing job in treating my twin sister in 2006 after she survived an attack. Today, she is doing great and no longer requires any treatment.
Thank you Emerald Bay PT!” – Lisa, 2009