Our Clinic

At one end of the building we have a spacious gym with lots of natural light. Available for use are two stationary bicycles, a treadmill, freeweights, cable column, shuttle, and mat table.

Three individual rooms offer privacy for personalized treatment.

At the other end of the building we have a wonderful indoor therapy pool with a large 4,000-gallon capacity. The depth of the pool ranges from 3-5 feet to accommodate all heights. Having the therapy pool inside our facility allows us to easily incorporate aquatic exercise into your therapy program. For advanced clients, the pool is large enough to comfortably allow swimming against the endless current.

•  91 degree water relieves pain and stiffness.
•  Buoyancy alleviates pressure from injured joints allowing pain-free exercise.
•  Adjustable current provides resistance for higher level activity.
•  Shower/ changing room available.
•  Brightly lit room with skylights.