Water Exercise

poolWater based exercise programs are an excellent way to build strength, improve flexibility, enhance cardiovascular health, and increase core stability. Buoyancy reduces pressure and strain on joints by supporting a significant portion of the body weight. The pressure from the water helps to improve circulation. Water provides 12 times the resistance of air, allowing simple movements to become strength training exercises!

Warm water loosens stiff joints, helps sore muscles relax, and relieves pain. Our pool is heated to 90 degrees, allowing exercise at a very comfortable temperature.

Pool exercise programs are offered in our indoor pool for a maximum of 3 adults in each session. The therapy pool has a 4000-gallon capacity, ranges in depth from 3-5 feet, and is equipped with jets and resistance current.

Group Classes with an Aquatic Trainer

Aquatic Exercise is especially good for:
•  Arthritis
•  Maternity Exercise
•  Fibromyalgia
•  Balance Problems

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Maternity Exercise:

maternityexerciseKeeping a regular exercise program both pre- and post-natal can help you and your baby feel your best. Pregnancy Today states “For many pregnant women, exercise seems to provide an easier delivery, a quicker recovery time and a faster loss of gained weight after the birth.” Exercise in the water is ideal for pregnant women. According to the American Pregnancy Association, “Many health care providers and fitness professionals say swimming is the safest exercise for pregnant women. Swimming keeps your body toned without adding weight and stress to your joints. When swimming you are raising your heart rate and enjoying a safe cardiovascular exercise that is not likely to cause overheating.” Come to EBPT and join our aquatic exercise classes for a safe and fun workout before, during, and after pregnancy. We encourage mothers to return to water exercise after giving birth to assist in returning to their prepregnancy strength and stamina.

“When I started my second trimester, I wanted to find something active that I could do, especially in the winter, that would keep me in shape as I turn into a watermelon these last few months. Now that I’m in my ninth month, and I’ve been coming three times a week, I feel good and I am incredibly grateful that I found this opportunity. The exercises we do are basically preparing me for labor, as my lung capacity is challenged in the current, kegels strengthen my abdominal muscles, and each activity helps build my core. I plan on continuing the water exercises here when I have to lose that baby weight. Thank you Emerald Bay Physical Therapy!” – Jayme, January 2010

Although a doctor’s referral is not required, we ask that you check with your physician prior to initiating any type of exercise program, especially a water-based maternity program.

Independent Pool Time: Open to graduates of Emerald Bay Physical Therapy – continue your aquatic therapy exercises in our pool to maintain or increase your fitness level. Call today to schedule your program and inquire about pricing!

For kids 10 months to 12 years, we offer swim lessons! Click here for more information.